Housing disputes

Many citizens cannot use their housing rights in full because these rights may be violated by confidential relations with members of their families (or ex-members). For example, members of the owner’s family may refuse to pay for housing and utilities, to get themselves crossed off the register.

In such cases the most effective practice of the rights protection would be referencing to the court, which solution is obligatory to be performed.

Housing rights of citizens are also often violated by state and municipal authorities that may refuse to make contact of social rent, property registration or to take decision about privatization. In such cases a lawyer, if his application to appropriate bodies doesn’t yield positive results, will provide with evidential material of the matter and formulate plaintiff’s claims competently.

Labor disputes

Significant part of labor disputes originates from wrong execution of employment.

Thus, currently it’s a common case when labor relations are executed by means of civil contracts about services providing or terminal labor contracts with employees instead of permanent contracts.

This is why in case you have doubts whether the prospective employer acts correctly in the stage of employment execution, we recommend you to apply for consultation of a lawyer beforehand; otherwise you may be deprived of a number of social safeguards defined for you by labor legislation such as: holiday pays, temporary disability pays, and so on.

If a conflict situation occurs during period of work – for example, an employee is being forced to sign a voluntary termination of his employment contract application, though it contradicts with his will – then convention concerning Termination of Employment at the Initiative of the Employer is violated and an employee may be unable to protect his rights properly as he may not have enough proofs to justify his requirements, while an employer who has them at his disposal may later provide unreliable arguments that would be rather difficult to retort.

In such cases a lawyer’s task is to ensure that necessary proofs be gathered, to specify correct way to protect employee’s rights and essence of plaintiff’s claim.

In our job we are not limited to protect only employee’s rights, for there are situations when on contrary interests of employer demand actions of his rights protection. For example, if a shortage of tangible assets by employee is detected, then the latter must be brought to material responsibility. The lawyers of the Bar, having appropriate experience, are ready to offer you a behavioral model for doubtful situations as well as to give you practical recommendations aimed to avoid similar problems in future.

Disputes with foreign persons

If you are a citizen of a foreign country or a person without citizenship and you make a labor or civil contract, or get married, or inherit some property on the territory of Russian Federation, then you may need a competent legal counsel as long as solutions of your questions may belong beyond Russian law’s competence.

In such cases it may be possible to apply rules of international agreements or foreign legislation that will differ in content from Russian law dispositions. Similarly, foreign law and international contacts regulations may be applied if you are a Russian citizen or legal person registered in Russia, but another part of the agreement, your future spouse or testator is a foreign citizen or foreign legal person.

Entrepreneurial disputes

If you have a small company without a lawyer on the staff, you can make an agreement with the Bar’s lawyers of service or legal audit or representation of interests on a specified problem. The lawyers of the Bar, having large experience of work with business owners, will appraise current situation of your company as well as provide you with guidelines about legal job development.

Hereditary disputes

In recent years in connection with the fact that people began to possess almost unlimited in content and cost property (living accommodations, securities, money, including those in deposits in banks) question about inheritance of property after death of person became especially important.

This question is up-to-date both for people who want to dispose of their personal property in case of death (it’s necessary to make a correct testament in order to strike off property’s transfer to specified persons and impeachment of the testament later) and for descendants (they need to accept property timely, to provide it with guarding and division). Lawyers of the Bar are ready to represent your interests in solving matters of argument with a notary, and also in the court for all categories of hereditary disputes and appealing of notary’s actions.

Family disputes

Family disputes belong to the most unpleasant matters of law for citizens as they demand significant time and emotional involvement. Unfortunately, not all people make a marital agreement before getting married and are aware about possibility to make it at any time after marriage. Absence of the marital agreement may be a reason of conflicts during marital life (distribution of family income, “stash” problem, specifying regime of vehicles usage) as well as after termination of family relations (severance that requires valuation and payment of the state duty which size depends on the cost of property).

Frequently court examinations about severance also involve relatives of both spouses, which make such matters about division of jointly gained property especially upsetting. At the end of the trial, spouses (ex spouses) may have spent a lot of money to solve the conflict, but often neither of parts is fully satisfied with the judicial decision.

All these troubles could be avoided by making a marital agreement, including in the moment of making solution about marriage cancellation. The lawyers of the Bar are willing to make an individual marital agreement for your family taking into consideration its perspectives of development.

We will also give you assistance in questions about surrogate maternity, starting from the first consultation and finishing at the moment of the child’s registration in the registry office. Surrogate maternity contract made by the lawyer with more that 10 years of practice in this sphere will help you to avoid multiple pitfalls that spouses which make a typical contract may encounter.

The lawyers of the Bar are ready to represent your interests while solving other questions of family and marital relations, including questions during transferring a dispute for the court’s solution.